Saturday, December 6, 2008

Second Doctor's Appointment

So yesterday we ventured out in the cold snowy weather for Liam's doctors appointment. He now weighs 7 pounds and 2 ounces. That means he has gained over an ounce a day since his last appointment 2 weeks ago. Now we can stop waking him up every 3 hours during the night to eat. I am happy about that because I didn't want him getting too used to waking up all the time at night. We also got his memory monitor downloaded. Liam didn't have any real alarms (so surprising considering how much it went off!) so he is off the caffeine! Do you think he will get those caffeine withdraw headaches :0) ? Liam will have another memory monitor download in two weeks and if he continues to not have any alarms, then we can get rid of the monitor! That will be a happy day! Now he is only on iron, twice a day. Liam had to get a toe poke in the office to test his iron. He didn't even wince! I think having him in the NICU made him tough. He is so used to getting poked and prodded. His iron is still a little low, so we will check again in two weeks.
This was his 2 month check up. We went over the 2 month milestones and surprise, Liam isn't doing any of them! Considering he wasn't even supposed to be born yet, we aren't worried. At least now we know what we can work on over the next 2 months. The one thing we have been doing is tummy time. He can pick his head up pretty good, but he doesn't always like it, so he will either cry or just falls asleep.

Last night I didn't set any alarms, but Liam woke me up at about 4am. I put his pipe in twice which got me to about 4:20, then I decided he was really hungry and he needed to eat. He had made it 5 hours. I was happy with that! When I was crawling back in bed, Tim woke up and wondered why I had fed him, I told him because Liam was crying and he had made it 5 hours! But he was really asking why I had fed him. I think he was disappointed that he missed out on the middle of the night feeding! So he got up at 7:30 to feed him while I slept in. Who says you can never sleep in once you have a baby? Thanks Tim!


Meeuwsens said...

So true...Brian and I still get to sleep in...just train em, eh? And we still get our Sunday naps! He is so cute and getting so big! I think he is going to be bigger than Carter some day! Love the pics of him...I just want to squeeze him (just like the kitty). Ha,ha...yep, I like to squeeze Carter's tummy Jen!

Matt Yount said...

What a cute little dude! Glad to hear all the positives from the doctor's appt. Yeah God!

The Rotman's said...

What a sweet daddy Timmy is and hubby at that too. I agree with Kelly on the training. Liam is getting so big. He's just one ounce shy of what Kolty was when he was born. It's so good to hear that he's doing so well. Happy 2 month's, almost, Liam. The tummy pic of him is darling.

TracyVDM said...

Lucky you sleeping in!!

Hey, I keep meaning to tell you, and haven't run into you at all, but we have a bottle of iron (unopened) if you want it. We bought it when Avery was on iron, but he got taken off of it before we opened that bottle, so if you want it, it's yours. :)