Sunday, December 21, 2008

2 Parties Down...

Friday night we had a Christmas party at Dan and Amy's house with our friends Larry, Moni, Corinne and Danielle Marlink. It was a ton of fun - as always, and I forgot the camera! Grandma had hers, maybe I can add pictures if she could figure out how to e-mail them to me. Liam wore his shirt that Carter bought him, it is green, red and white and reads, "Good things come in small packages!" Norah had on a cute shirt too, hers read, "what Santa doesn't bring me Grandma will!" Isn't that the truth!
Saturday night we had another Christmas party with the Verbeek side (Tim's mom's side). We always have a great time with them too. We did manage to remember the camera and took a family photo. Our family sure has grown over the past few years, it is awesome! We will have at least one more next year as Joni is due in early May. Thanks mom DeHaan for having us all over! We love having Christmas there because she decorates so well. She actually puts up at least 8 full size christmas trees - all decorated in different themes or different kinds of ornaments. She is so brave to put them up with all the grandkids running around. They learn they can touch with just one finger, how cute!
As we were taking this picture, Chip (a.k.a. Christian) said, "Awe, ha ma," which is what Grandpa Verbeek used to say to Grandma all the time. It made us lauph, but we sure do miss you Grandma and Grandpa!
This is Nate, Em, Tim and Dalton. They all look cute except for the one making the funny face!
This is Aunt Jo, mom DeHaan (Judy), and Aunt Jane. They take a sisters picture every year at Christmas. We can't wait to see you all agian this summer at Hess lake!

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