Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Due Date Liam!

Yesterday, Dec. 18, was Liam's official due date. It is just crazy to imagine him just being here. He is getting pretty big, so I'm glad I didn't have to deliver the chunker he is now! We celebrated the occasion with a few friends. Brent and Candace Nienhuis had invited us over to their house for a welcome home Liam/happy due date party. It was ton of fun. We shared food and fellowship and even played a few games. But Catch Phrase is being saved for New Years Eve. Candace had everyone write down advice for us on little cards, then she put them in a fold out album for us to keep. Then we paired up and everyone got to decorate a onesie for Liam. They turned out great. It will be fun to dress him in them all. Thanks Brent and Candace for opening up your beautiful home and Thanks to all are great friends for coming to celebrate with us. We love cute gift you all put together. It is a bucket with lots of stuff Liam will need this summer to go on the boat! What fun that will be!

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Neal, Rachel and Morgan said...

The onesies are super cute!!! How much fun! What a great group of friends!!!

P.s. we made it to santa...check our blog for details! Great time!