Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

Here is our little family on Thanksgiving morning. Liam is wearing his turkey bib. We went to mom and dad Huyser for lunch, then to mom and dad DeHaan for dinner. Liam slept most of the time. He managed to set off his alarm during prayer at lunch and a few times during dinner. I think he felt left out because he was in the bedroom by himself while the rest of us were eating a feast! Maybe next year you can sit by the table Liam!

After we were all stuffed it was time to feed Liam. First we changed his diaper and Gisele helped me out with that. She liked to hold his feet.
Dan, Amy and Norah came right before dessert was served... how convenient! Gisele and Norah liked to play together. At one point we even had Gisele holding Norah as she stood up. I can't wait to watch all of the great grand kids playing together at Christmas.

And of course I went shopping on black Friday. We've gotta continue the tradition, even though there wasn't any big sales I was trying to hit. My mom and Kelly and I always go. This year Moni and Tammy (my mom's girlfriends) went with us too. We have a blast filling the car to the max with all our packages. We really have it down to a science. I'm not going to give away our secrets, but we got a ton done and even managed to get in breakfast and lunch! I finished all my shopping in one day! Thanks to Tim who stayed home to watch Liam. They had fun too. Tim said they watched Ice Age 1 and 2. When I got home they were both still in their jammies. It was too cute!

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The Rotman's said...

Glad that you're settling into life at home with Liam and even geting a bit here and there. He's such a little peanut. I'm so thankful all is going well for you. It's nuts that he's almost 2 mo. already. Time flies.