Sunday, September 21, 2008

To smart for my own good.....

Did you know that a pennies terminal velocity is 64 mph? I didn't know that until today and now I feel like a much smarter person! 

Did you know that coir dust is a renewable resource made from coconut husks? It was formerly a waste product left behind during coconut processing!
move over Einstein, Tim is taking over.

When life's got you down, Gitty UP!


Matt Yount said...

I first read that post really fast, and I thought the word "pennies" was another word ... so when I read the rest of the sentence I thought "COOL!"

But after re-reading it "pennies" makes more sense.


Tori and Missy are here with me at the kitchen table and they say "hi" . . . Haan is here too but he won't say "hi" because he is upset that you can't picture him in business. He's smiling though, so I think he really says "hi"!!

Cari Vos said...

Jen, looks like you're staying up to absolutely no good. [:

If you ever need a visitor to come hang out with you and just, visit. I'd be up to chatting with you.