Monday, September 15, 2008

Where's McDreamy?

Not much to report since Saturday, of course that is good news.  I continue to have a few contractions, but no pain.  I have been going out in the wheelchair this weekend.  My latest adventures have been to the gift shop - I didn't buy anything, can you believe it?  Well, I forgot my purse, so that kinda limited me.  I think this is the longest I have ever gone with out shopping.  It's been 12 days, that's nearly 2 weeks!  I might have to browse online this afternoon...
Today I ventured to a restaurant down stairs for lunch.  My mom, Jenn Augustine (+Cameron), Abby Lawrence and I went.  We even sat in the booth, so it didn't even feel like we were in the hospital.  

A few people have asked about my doctors.  I go to Maternal and Fetal Medicine here in GR.  There are 4 doctors in the group, Dr. Cook, Dr. Rightmire, Dr, Zuidema, and Dr. Shaik.  I like them all, but I usually had seen Dr. Cook in the office.  Now they all come visit me - along with their interns.  There are days were I feel like I am on Grey's Anatomy because the Dr. will come in the room with about 5 interns - all in lab coats with clip boards reviewing my chart, but Tori says they are not as hot as they are on TV, I agree.  And where is McDreamy and McSteamy?  It sure would make my stay much more enjoyable if I had some eye candy to look at :0)  At least my McHusband is dreamy and steamy, he, he.


Nicole Poest said...

Your funny :) hahaha

It was good to see you today!! I'm glad you and baby DeHaan are doing well!!!!


The Rotman's said...

You are funny!! Also glad to hear that all is going so well and that your little guy is behaving by staying put so well.
Praying for you daily!!!

Mary said...

Glad to see you updated the blog!!
It was nice to visit with you today!! We will keep checking the blogs daily(sometimes twice daily).

Aunt Mary

Deb said...

Nice save, Jen!! We are so glad to hear you are doing well. Keep the great sense of humor and positive outlook. We are praying for you!!


Meeuwsens said...

You are a nut! Plan on me coming to visit on Wednesday! Maybe I can take you for a wheelchair ride! :) Praying for you and thanking God for everyday he keeps little Timmy Jr. in that tummy!
Love you! Kel

The Zeerip's said...

Hey Jenni - looks like you had a good day! Still Praying! Rachael

TracyVDM said...

Glad to hear it's still going well. Dr. Rightmire delivered Isabella. His birth control speech at my follow up appointment was hilarious. He also told me that compared to biblical times and the nursing habits of animals, it's determined that the ideal time to wean is between 3 and 7 years. haha.

Grandma Ruth said...

So glad you stay in good humor. We are praying for you and baby boy DeHaan.

Greg and Ruth

The Hill Family said...

You don't know me but I go to VictoryPoint. I read about you in the program and I just wanted to let you know you are on my mind constantly. I am praying for a that baby to wait patiently to come out. DeVos Children's is a great hospital so I know regardless what happens the baby will be in great hands. I will continue to pray for the three of you.

Stephanie Rusticus)Hill

Nick and Kristi Bonstell said...

You are making me laugh:) Glad to hear things continue to go well!!!!

Jake said...

Hi Tim & Jen,
I got your link from my brother Matt's blog. Hope you don't mind if we comment. We are praying that all goes well for you & God grants you an extra measure of peace and patience.
Mike & Sue Yount & family

Kimberly said...

It's nice to see that you are in good spirits, in spite of being stuck in the hospital. You are too funny! I'm still praying for you and your baby boy.

Jen said...

Hi Jenni, it's great that things are going well for you and you are making the most of being on bedrest at the hospital. Blogging is a great way to pass the time! I saw that you were in the hospital when Kelly posted about it on facebook. I really hope that your stay continues to be pleasant and that little boy stays put. We will continue to pray for you! I have a pretty big collection of books (good ones!)from when I was in a book club...if you're intereted in borrowing them they're yours!