Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I just locked Jen out of her room so I could write this top secret message to everyone.  I made it here in 28 minutes and that is after stopping at Jimmy Johns for dinner to go because they are truly freaky fast and freaky good!  Alright, I here nurses trying to break down the door so I have to go, so please don't tell Jen I was breaking the law speeding.  I just blame it on her license plate for saying GITTY UP! 


Nicole Poest said...

Hahaha, you guys are hillarious :)

Meeuwsens said...

Hey Tim it's Kelly, Tim it's Kelly ok, you get it. ha,ha anyway you are a terd but a wonderful terd at that! Thanks for being such a wonderful husband to Jen. I know it can be hard on you too! Praying for you both!
Love Kel

Josh and Bobbie said...

Go speed racer! Mums the word. Not a peep out of me.


The Rotman's said...

Oh, Tim! This is twice that you've cracked me up today. I don't think your first funny can be topped, but this is also good. We're glad you guys seem to be having a good night and that you made it there in record time, not to mention safely. We hope to visit you guys soon.

Matt Yount said...

You're good to go Timmy Boy... I'm sure Jen won't read about on the blog!

I think the fact that you guys have such a fun-loving sense of life help a TON in situations like this one.

Still praying AMAP (as much as possible).

Love you all.