Wednesday, January 14, 2009

We're Wireless!

Are you talking to me?
Riding horse with Dad!

Can you see my smile between these chubby cheeks?

Yup, the monitor came off on Monday! It was perfect timing with me going back to work. Liam loved all his sitters. Monday, Liam had a major blow out with Grandma H. and we decided to just dump that onesie! Tuesday, he got to play with cousin Norah. She figured Liam was another toy to play with and kept pulling out his pipe and putting it in her mouth. Today Liam went to Kathy's house and the kids tried to skip school to hang out all day at home! Logan even wanted Liam to take a nap with him. When Tim went to pick him up, Brooklyn told him to go home because she wasn't done spending time with Liam! So he went home and I picked him up on the way home from work and that was still too early! I think we found our new day care :). Thank you all for taking such good care of Liam!!!

My transition back to work went well. It was fun to see everyone and catch up on the latest gossip. My work week is now over and I get to hold Liam until Monday, that's right, never put him down till Monday!! He's going to be a mama's boy, and I don't care. I guess that would be lying, because Tim and I are going on a date Saturday night and G and G DH are coming over to watch Liam, but I'm sure they won't put him down either!


Neal, Rachel and Morgan said...

Glad to hear your first week went so well. I will say it was the hardest for me but it helped having people that I knew and trusted watching Morgan! Enjoy your few days off and your date night!!!!!

Brad said...

Oh Jen - I am so glad to hear that all went well with going back to work and that he was well cared for while you were gone:) He is just so darling and getting so big!!! Don't you just love the chubby baby cheeks? Jill

Meeuwsens said...

YEAH!! So sorry I didn't call to see how work went. Glad you survived. We are in Florida and the boys did pretty good on the plane...its not super warm so we are just settling in today. Sounds like Liam is doing great!

ashley said...

He's getting so big! Tell him not to get any bigger before next weekend :)

The Rotman's said...

Awesome about the monitor and also glad all went well this week. Sounds like Liam was with good sitter's all week so that's great. The first week back is the hardest..

Mami Sue said...

Glad to hear the monitor is off--PTL!! Liam is so stinkin cute--love that lil grin!!