Thursday, January 29, 2009

No More Iron

Last Friday we went to the doctor again for another weight check. Liam was 11lbs! I can't believe it. He is finally outgrowing his newborn clothes. Liam also got his hemoglobin checked again (every two weeks) to see if he still has anemia - low iron. This was the first time that his hemoglobin looked good so we can now be off the iron drops! Yeah! This was the last remnant of his prematurity. We are so happy to be done with iron. We had to mix it into 2 bottles a day and Liam did not like it. It comes with some yucky side effects not to mention the yucky taste.
We don't really care too much for tummy time. Unless it is on mommies chest. In the picture below Liam is giving me the stink eye for making him do a few push ups.
He is just too cute. We had his 3 month pictures taken with Carlia Faye Photography. Grandma Huyser got us a photo package there for a shower gift. He will get his 3, 6, 9 ,and 12 month pictures done there. You can check them out at You have to ENTER SITE, select PROOFING, click on me and Liam and the password is: liam. Enjoy!


The Rotman's said...

He is such a handsome little boy. I love his 3mo. pics. They all turned out great. The Precious In His Sight one is too cute. Looks like you had a fun photoshoot. He's getting to be quite the little chub. Mommy's milk must be good. :-) Hopefully we'll see you guys soon. It seems like it's been awhile.

Rachael Zeerip said...

Jenni - liam's pictures are adorable. I am so glad that he is healthy and doing great. Isn't God amazing.... Rachael

Bruce, Annie, Avery & Jack said...

He is a honey!! His pics are so cute. So happy to hear things are going well!