Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy 80th Birthday Great Grandpa!

This past weekend was Grandpa Huyser's 80th Birthday. The whole family went up north to the South Fork Lodge for a celebration. We had a blast. We even made the birthday boy stay up until midnight for a champagne toast!This is the youngest and the oldest in the family, Liam and his Great Grandpa.
This is Gisele, the first Great Grandchild. She loves to be a big helper and feed Liam or even change his diaper. She loves all the kids. It's funny when they start to put together who is related and how. She kept pointing out Dan to me and saying this is Norah's daddy.

On Saturday we all went on a sleigh ride. Great Grandma stayed in the warm house and snuggled with Liam instead. It was too cold for him to go, maybe next year Liam! When we came back I found the two of them taking a nap by the fire. It was too cute.

We got a few pictures of Great Grandma and Grandpa with all the Great Grandkids. It sure is hard to get everyone to look at the camera let alone smile! We made shirts for all of the kids. They all matched, but had a different saying. Gisele's - my fingers may be small, but I've go Great Grandpa wrapped around them. Jacob's - Great Grandpa's Super Star! Norah's - I get my good looks from my Great Grandpa! Deacon's - My Great Grandpa thinks I'm a keeper! Liam's - Great Grandpa's future fishing buddy!
It was a great way to celebrate 80 years and we are looking forward to many more fun times with our Grandpa! Happy Birthday Great Grandpa! We love you!


Brad said...

Those are such sweet pics of the family - they are such a treasure with the little ones with him! Jill

Mary said...

Thanks for all the cute pictures and for a great weekend!! It was a lot of fun!!!