Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bailout/Rescue Plan?

Nothing crazy new going on at the DeHaan house.  Jen is completely bored and ready to just go outside and run around.  Kelly Meeuwsen and Jen Augustine are throwing  Jen a baby shower next Saturday, so that is very exciting to look forward to.  Friday, we received our first Spectrum bill and it was only $33,478.18 dollars and that translates into about $1,000 dollars per day.   What a deal!  We decided that since the national debt is only at a quadtrillion, we would just add our bill to that and pretend everything is alright.  Next week, we plan to go on an exotic vacation, being pampered to the max!  So we thank you for paying your taxes :)  

It has been 38 days on bed rest.  Another big thank you to everyone for supporting us in so many different ways.

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