Monday, October 6, 2008

33 days on bed rest!

I had my first Dr.'s appointment, since I've been home, today.  It went great, a big thanks to Kelly and Carter for Driving me there (Kelly did most of the driving).  It was very uneventful except for Kelly nearly losing control of Carter and I in the wheelchair going down the parking ramp!  The Dr.  thought I was doing so well that I don't need to see him for 2 weeks.  My next appointment is scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 21.  They will measure the baby then.  Tim thinks they should measure the baby every time - I would love that too, but I don't think our insurance would love it and they probably would not pay for it either.  So, we will just trust that he is growing big and strong.  Today is my 33rd day on bed rest and on Thursday we will be 30 weeks!


Nicole Poest said...

That's awesome news!!! Praise God!
I'm glad Kelly didn't lose complete control of you and Carter!
Continue to enjoy your time at home!

Meeuwsens said...

Hey now! I see the respect I get...ha, time I'll let you just roll down the hill on your own! :) Love ya! Anytime I can help let me know!
Love Kel

The VanderZwaag's said...

So glad to hear that you don't have to go back for two weeks. I would find a new driver though! (Just kidding Kelly!) Maybe Carter is better!!!'re almost at 30!!! What an awesome God we serve!
Take care!

Nick and Kristi Bonstell said...

That is amazing how well things are going! Keep up the good work:)

The Stewart Family said...

Congrats Jen (and Tim:)). Thanks for the update! Our prayers are still with you! God Bless!

Mary said...

So glad to hear you had a great report from the doctor!! Keep relaxing in that big recliner!!
We continue to keep you and Tim in our prayers!
Aunt Mary

Chris Klein said...

Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll continue to pray!!!! God is faithful and His hand is protecting that baby! He has a plan for him!

Matt Yount said...

Great news guys! Praise God. He is good!

TracyVDM said...

I'm glad it's going well! 30 weeks down (almost) 10 to go!!