Saturday, November 21, 2009

Matching PJ's

Carter came over tonight so his mom and dad could go out on a date. Liam loves to play with him because he shares so nice! We had a little snack and Liam ate his really fast, so Carter shared his. He even gave him one of his blankies.
I had to laugh when I put on Carter's PJ's because Liam has the same ones. So I made sure they matched. Too bad Tim doesn't have a pair.

At this point both boys were like - please stop with the flash - Carter put his hands up and Liam wouldn't open his eyes all the way. So we stopped taking pictures.
It was a fun night, they played so well together and they were both in bed by 8:30 without a fuss. Now, I just have to get Tim to go to bed...


Tara Follett said...

Jake has those too! Funny thing is, he will only wear them on his terms. I think the moose on the feet weird him out.

Brad said...

Those pictures of the boys are so sweet - how fun that they get to grow up as friends together! Jill

PS- I love your new family picture!