Monday, November 9, 2009

A Bears Fan!

I went to Chicago a couple of weekends ago and this is what I bought for Liam - a Chicago Bears outfit. Isn't it just the cutest? Now this is the only outfit that Tim wants him to wear, except when he goes outside to play, it's too nice for that (even though that is what I bought it for - a play outfit that dad could easily put together, you know, the Bears hoodie with the Bears sweatpants). Speaking of going outside, Liam loved the weather this weekend and spent a lot of time outside. He even ate his first worm, or at least half of one. Boys! Can you guess who was watching him? :o)
This is one of our latest tricks, climbing the stairs. He is so proud of himself. We have not put up the gate yet, he doesn't go very far when I'm not looking and he is very careful about it. But, the gate will have to come out soon, hopefully before we have a tumble. My mom said I tumbled at least 3 times and I turned out just fine, right? Or was that my brother... Hmmm... better get that gate out.

And i just could not resist posting another picture of my Jolly Green Giant. This is trick-or-treating in action. We have lot's of layers under that costume and we still ended up puting another hat and coat on. I'm so glad the weather has warmed up for a while. Did we skip winter? I hope so.


Meeuwsens said...

He is getting TOO BIG!! That sweatsuit fits him perfectly...too cute! And oh eating a worm...boys will be boys! Sticken cute as always!

Brad said...

Ok - Liam is the cutest boy ever - I will have to e-mail you the picture of him and Ella climbing your stairs & kissing - so cute! I loved being able to spend time with him the other night - just the happiest boy! Love the sweatsuit! Jill