Saturday, August 15, 2009

Catching up on this last months photos...

We've only been able to get the boat out a few times this year so far. Of coarse Liam loves to drive the boat too. Anything dad does, he want to do too. The lake water is finally getting warmer so we can swim as well. Liam is much fonder of warm bath water that the cool lake water.
We took these pictures when Liam was about 9 months old and had one tooth. Now he is 10 months old and has 2 teeth - both on the bottom. I haven't been able to get a good picture of them yet. But I thought these were cute anyway.

Liam started crawling yesterday! We had a big day swimming with Kelly and Carter, but as soon as we got home, I put Liam on the floor to play and he crawled right to me - about 5 scoots. He has got a ways to go, but he is getting it. He gets frustrated fast and would rather just walk.

Bath time is his favorite - well, at least a close second to dinner time. this week he has really taken to splashing in the tub. He has always splashed some, but this week it has been big splashes where I have to close the shower curtain or he will soak me and the floor. He laughs and laughs and thinks he is so funny.

I recently got him this duck tubby. It's easier and takes less water to fill than using the whole tub. Plus he is such a wiggle worm that I don't have to worry about him clunking his head as he tries to stand! Yes, he actually did manage to pull himself up once.
Look for another update soon - I've got lots more pictures to post!


Mary said...

Love the picture of Liam driving the boat!!! Too cute!!! You know you are welcome at Grandma Mary's pool anytime ( it looks like he loves the water)!!!!

Pete said...

Jace had that same tub & loved it!It was so nice that he was surrounded by cushion:)And he loved that it quacked!--Stac

Brad said...

Oh my goodness - those pictures are too cute! He is so incredibly cute!!!! I love that rubber ducky tub!!! Way to go Liam for crawling! He is just awesome! Jill