Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Beach Day

Liam loves the beach. We tried to get a cute picture of him in the dune grass, but he just wanted to eat it.
It was an overcast day at the beach, but we had run anyway. Liam played in the sand and went swimming in the lake.

He gets really excited when you get close to the water. He could watch the other kids play by the beach all day.

He still isn't too sure when you put him in the cool water. He really prefers his warm tub. The waves were good size that day and when one would crash against Tim's legs, Liam would cling on really tight. Here he is pointing to the Sea Doo and asking Tim to get him a ride - only if he can drive.

On Tuesday Liam started to walk behind his push toy. He can cruse around the living room now. He loves to crash into things so our walls and moulding will be all dinged up in a few days! I will try to get some video of it this afternoon. It's really funny to see such a short little guy walking! He is so proud of himself too!

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