Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Finally Tulip Time!

I am a little behind on posts lately. So I will start with Tulip time and try to catch up from here. We had a great time this year - Liam's first tulip time. He wore the costume I made for Carter last year. It was kinda snug, but so cute.
He loves to stand up like a big boy and he sucks his lips in a lot - when he doesn't have his fingers in his mouth! You can't tell by the pictures I post because I try to weed those out.
This is my dutch dance partner, Missy. She looks so cute with Liam, they are wearing the same style of dutch costume - the boys Volendam. Missy got in lots of trouble this year dancing. I think she got yelled at every night for wearing too many earrings and having bobby pins in instead of hat pins. She is such a rebel! (or is it just the crazy costume inspectors?)
Carter and Liam came to watch me dance a few nights. I think they love the attention from all the tourists. Aren't they just the cutest? We also went to the parade on Wednesday. Carter loved it - Liam could care less, as long as he gets fed and gets a nap!
From left to right - Jenn and Cam, Abby and Rylee, Kelly and Carter, Me and Liam, Jill and Hudson. What a fun night! I can't believe we got everyone in the picture - and no tears! The kids did pretty good considering it was getting to be past their bed times. It's a riot dressing them up in these silly costumes just to get a few good pictures.
I couldn't resist posting one more of Liam. He is just starting to sit up on his own. Right after we took this picture I let go of him to see if he could sit by himself and he leaned a little too far towards the tulips and did a face plant in the dirt! He didn't even cry, he was far too interested in the grass. It was hard to get him to look up for a picture he just wanted to stare at the ground. It really makes me wonder what he will be doing at this time next year. I bet it will be even harder to get a good picture!


Bruce, Annie, Avery & Jack said...

OH my he is SOOOOO cute!!

Mary said...

Yes, it will be fun to see what he does next year, he will probably be picking all the tulips!!!

The Rotman's said...

Such a cute little dutch boy!

nicole tieri cornell said...

I just want to munch on him! His face is just DEAR. I think he might have a sneaky side--he looks like he's up to something in a few of these! So sweet.

Brad said...

He is so cute - I love the one with the 2 boys - how sweet is that??? Jill