Saturday, May 2, 2009

Baptism Invitation

All family and friends are invited! We understand it is Mother's Day, but didn't want to miss anyone who may want to come. So you are welcome to witness and celebrate with us on Liam's special day. If you are planning on lunch, just call or e-mail Tim or I so we know how many to plan on. We appreciate everyone who has been involved in his life. He has come a long way in such a short time. There have been so many prayers prayed for him and he doesn't even know it yet. We have a long and happy road ahead of us as we strive to raise him as a child of God (so we would love it if the prayers kept comming!).


The Bursleys and Family said...

We will for sure make it to baptism. I am not praying Ihave this baby in 1 day or she waits a week..We wouldnt miss this for anything. Love you Jess is sooo excited about babysitting when your sitter is gone...:)

Mami Sue said...


TracyVDM said...

That is so sweet!! We had Elise's baptism on Mother's Day last year! We'll be there for the baptism! Who do you know that lives in Pointe Lake? Terry's dad & grandpa live there, so that's where we've had all of the kids' first birthday parties!

mariejane said...

God Bless our little Liam!!!
We miss you guys sooo much!!
Happy Mother's Day to Jenni

Love ya,
Uncle Donn
Aunt Jane
Em, Dalt & Nate