Friday, November 7, 2008

A few of Liam's visitors

These are a few of Liam's visitors this week. He hasn't had too many because we can only have 2 visitors at a time. It's hard to fit everyone in - especially when grandparents get first dibs! They love to visit Liam and he loves it too. We are hoping that Liam will be home within a week or two, so if you want to see him at the hospital - call us soon, otherwise as long as you're not sick, you can visit when he is home.

This is Tory Yount, one of our pastors wives. (clarification - we have more than one pastor - our pastor does not have more than one wife!)

This is Missy (the church wife). She thinks Liam looks like her.

Proud Great Grandma and Grandpa DeHaan - the oldest holding the youngest in our family (at least currently - this family grows fast).

Uncle Matt checkin' out the little man. We think Liam picked up a lot of Matt's qualities, especially the apnea. Aunt Joni and Austin came to visit too, but we don't have a picture of them. They were busy checking out the fish tank when the camera was out.

Kelly came to visit too, but the pictures went on her camera - check out her blog!


Keith De Witt said...

Looks like he might be getting spoiled. Great news that he will be home soon.

Matt Yount said...

How do you know I don't have more than one wife? It seemed biblical in the Old Testament, and I try to live biblically! :) Awesome looking boy!

Keith De Witt said...

Now that am one year older I will let you in on a few things. You fall asleep when and where you dont want to, and you get up early because you cant sleep. The other thing is you have hair growing only where you dont want it to grow.

The Schans Family said...

Although we don't know each other, we each have friends that do. I came across your blog shortly after you started it, and it has been great to watch all the bleassings happen with baby Liam.. what a miracle! I just wanted to let you know that I thought of you yesterday when I was at Target. I saw a blue bodysuit that said 'Gitty Up Little Dude' and had a picture of a cowboy on a horse. I think that it would be perfect for your little guy! Good luck with bringing him home soon!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you have one good lookin church wife!! - where on earth did you find her?? And I must agree, Liam is the spitten image of her! :)