Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Our return to Africa

To our family and friends,

We have always talked about returning to Africa, but never knew exactly why we would go back. We have been listening, or maybe ignoring is a better word, and figured out the Lord was asking us to think about adoption. We feel connected to Africa through vacationing in South Africa and sponsoring a child, Mohamed Seid, in Ethiopia. This makes us feel like we belong or are part of the African family. So we have decided to begin the process of adoption from Ethiopia through Bethany Christian Services here in Holland and we are very excited!
This process is like being pregnant minus almost everything that has to do with being pregnant and for twice as long! Thank you in advance for your prayers and support and you are welcome to join us on this amazing journey!

Love, Tim, Jen and Liam DeHaan


Robinson Family said...

How very exciting! We'll be praying for yoU!

Neal, Rachel and Morgan said...

How exciting!!! We will pray that the process goes quickly and smoothly!

Tara Follett said...

I got the chills when I read this! How VERY exciting, and of course we'll be praying!!

Brad and Jill said...

We are so thrilled for you and will be continually praying for you during this whole process. You guys are amazing parents and whatever child you get will be very blessed. We hope things go along speedily for you!