Friday, March 5, 2010

Play, play, play!

Liam has been getting into everything lately! He is so curious as to how things work. He loves to open and close doors and drawers. He isn't too bad at pulling stuff out, but he does have his favorites.
This day we took out his splat mat (from under his highchair) and played with soap and water. I just let him slash around all he wanted. It was too cold to go outside and with boys, sometimes you just have to let them get energy out. He loved it.

A few weeks ago I went to Diana's Playhouse with some friends from work. The kids are all around the same ages, so they had a great time playing together. This is Liam and Nolan playing the piano together.
Here are most of the kids taking time out for a snack. It was so cute to watch them all sit together.

Here is another one from snack time. Can you see Liam in the back trying to sneak snacks from Nolan? You'd think we never feed the kid!

This is kinda gross, Liam has snot running down his nose! He has been getting his molars in and this week was probably the worst of it, so we were glad to have distractions like Diana's Playhouse to keep us happy.

Lena and Liam riding the fishies together. We played for a couple hours and when we got in the car, I'm not sure we made it out of the parking lot before he fell alseep! He didn't even wake up when we got home and transfered him into bed. He slept for over 4 hours! That was totally worth it!

Here we are at home goofing around with funny glasses. Liam is so ticklish that he just squirms when you try to put these on his head. Leah was over to play and she thought is was hilarious.
Here is Leah and Liam having a little snack. Who says you can't have popsickles in the winter? These two played very nice together too. I love to watch them interact and you can really see their little personalities.

Another picture of Liam playing in the cabinets. I think he must have had a little help getting in this one. He could care less if you shut the door on him, as long as he can open and close it.

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