Thursday, July 9, 2009


What would summer be without Popsicles? This was Liam's first attempt at eating a Popsicle. He loved it. No real surprise there, I have yet to find some food item he doesn't devour. And of course he was upset when it was gone. I think he thought his mommy didn't share fare, but I do think he ate more than I did, plus he had some of grandma's! It must have felt great on his gums because he was teething big time. Sunday was the first day I could feel his first sharp little tooth coming though.
Last week Liam stayed in G-ma and G-pa's Huyser's boat. Tim was gone all week to Colorado with the church youth group and I thought that it would be too long for him to go to daycare on the days I work because that would have been over 13 hours 3 days in a row! So G-ma volunteered to watch him since she had vacation that week anyway. Too bad it was such a crummy week. I don't think Liam cared too much but I know G-ma wished it was nicer weather. My mom thought that Liam had to have his exersaucer along because he loves it so much. It was a good idea - especially with the weather. He can stand up around it now and he even attempts to walk around it. You have to help hold him of course or he would fall face first. this kid has no fear!
Grandpa came to visit him every night after work and even spent the night once. He is quite the baby hog. When he is around he's gotta have the grandkids. He like to walk with Liam and show him off. here he put on his sun hat - cowboy style with the sunglasses. So far he keeps them both on. I'm sure it won't last long.
G-ma got lots of use out of her stroller. They even got a little wet, but Liam didn't care. He loves to go for walks. This is him on the Grand Haven Pier - taking a break. He is yelling for g-ma to put down the camera and start walking again. He doesn't really like to stop.
After such long days outside Liam was ready to sleep. G-ma said he loved sleeping on the boat and he slept until about 8:oo every morning. I don't think g-ma knows the no blanket in the bed rule - what do you think? Well at least he was comfortable. Thanks G-ma and G-pa Huyser for taking such good care of him!
This weekend we are going camping at the 131 Dragway (Martin, MI). Tim is racing his truck in PINKS All Out! It is a TV show that airs on the SPEED channel. I think there is about 350-400 cars racing and there will be only 16 in the feature. We dropped off the truck tonight and got our spot in the pits and Tim was already interviewed by one of the PINKS crew members. The guy was leaving the track and seen us pull in and he turned around and followed us to our spot. He was excited to see something different that would be racing. There isn't a lot of trucks and probably non that are as lifted as Tim's so it kinda draws a crowd. We are definitely not the fastest, but it is fun to watch. It should be a good time, our first experience with Liam in a tent. I will report back next week with the details!


Bill said...

Tim and Jenni,

Wow, it was awesome to see you there at PINKS.... Just an FYI, I saw some pics of Tim's truck on a website I goto all the time., look under Pinks US131, and there are some posting with 2 or 3 pics of the Ranger, and those 2 other Jeeps too.. I hope Tim makes the show.

p.s. Thanks for autographing our shirts!!!

Brad said...

That is such a cute post! That is awesome that Liam could spend all that time with Grandpa and Grandma - that must have been a fun time for them! I love the pics! He is so adorable! That is really cool about the PINKS thing -hope all goes well! Jill