Thursday, February 12, 2009

Norah and Liam

Last week Friday I got to watch Norah for a few hours while Amy ran some errands. Norah is so much fun. She talks a ton - in her own language of coarse. It is so funny to watch her try to say baby. She says "BAY - BEE" but keeps her mouth closed. Try it - that's exactly how she sounds. She was very gentle with Liam and just touches his hands and feet. She loved to watch him in his bouncy seat. She liked it even better when I put the toy bar on it. Then she just wanted to eat the toys. I hope you can come over again really soon Norah! We love you!
I got to feed Norah breakfast so I thought I would try out Liam's caddy seat - just for fun. When Norah was done with it I left it up. When we were eating dinner that night Liam was awake, so Tim put Liam in it. He is still too small, but he can hold his head up well, so he sat the whole time we ate. I think he liked it.

Our big boy is 4 months old! Four months on 11-13-09, Friday the 13th! I still can't believe how much he has grown. Last Friday at the doctor's office, Liam weighed 12 lbs! He is catching up in his weight, now we are just waiting for him to catch up developmentally. He is right on for a 2 month old, so we are thankful for that. He may not fully catch up until he is 2 years old. Happy 4 month birthday Liam!


The Rotman's said...

Time flies.. Happy 4 months Liam! It's good to hear he's growing SO much.

Dan &Amy; Amy Huyser said...

Jen I love the picture of Norah holding Liam's hand. Thank you a ton for watching her for me, it helped out a ton. I think these two are going to be quite the little buddies some day.